King George’s Hall will be re-opening for business from Monday July 6th 2020

All previous bookings and reservations prior to the enforced closure have been cancelled and all will need to be re-booked.

Any group, business or society booking will only be accepted and confirmed after agreement to the conditions included in the King George’s Hall risk assessments and accompanied by specific risk assessment for that particular group, business or society.

Non acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out by the King George’s Hall will result in any proposed booking being refused or cancelled.

King George’s Hall has invested in new sanitizing and disinfecting equipment and materials to ensure risk is minimised for users of the hall and coffee lounge.

Initially the main kitchen will be closed for all users

The main entrance will be for entry only either to the main hall or to the coffee lounge

Exit from the main hall will be through the emergency exit at the far side of the hall. Under no circumstances will exit be allowed through the entrance.

Exit from the coffee lounge will also be through the emergency exit as above, when there is no other meeting/event in the main hall. When the main hall is being used exit will be through the emergency exit in the coffee lounge.

All disabled entry with wheel chairs or frames will be through the main entrance and exit through the coffee lounge emergency exit.

Only white plastic chairs and tables to be used until further notice in either room (exception for Toddler Group plastic children’s chairs and tables.)

Until further notice, the restriction on the numbers of people using the main hall will be limited to 45 people in total including group leader, speaker etc.

The limit for the coffee lounge will be 20 people including group leader, speaker etc.

The coffee lounge kitchen will be the only kitchen in use until further notice.

Each user will have to nominate or guarantee anindividual/ individuals to ensure the room/facilities have been sanitised after use ready for the next booking. Each chair or table used to be wiped before leaving.

All equipment brought into the main hall or coffee lounge e.g. mats, bags, teaching equipment, music players, electronics etc. has to be wiped clean prior to use in the main hall or coffee lounge with sanitised wipes in the lobby before entering either of the two main rooms or kitchen area.

Each group will be responsible to ensure the toilet door handles, flush levers and taps and main door handles are all wiped down before leaving.

Each group to sign the form in either the coffee lounge, kitchen or main hall to confirm these actions have been carried out.

We realise this will put more responsibility on to users however without compliance in meeting these new requirements all to ensure minimising Covid19 risk, the cost of hiring would rise dramatically.

This list is not comprehensive but does cover the majority of the main requirements for the forseeable future.

If anyone wishes to discuss these changes please feel free to call on 01386 430175

Library at King George’s Hall will be open

The Coffee Lounge Library with over 1,000 titles will be open for as long as possible every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00am until noon for residents.

Only one person will be allowed in at a time

Bring along any spare paperbacks you may have

Please pass this information around